Perioral Dermatitis Diet Triggers

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Perioral Dermatitis Diet Triggers

I receive so many messages asking what is the main cause of my Perioral Dermatitis breakouts. Asked in the hope that it will shed a light on what causes yours. If we were to sit down in a room and discuss our triggers, what causes my breakouts may not be an issue for you and vice versa. They don't call Perioral Dermatitis the Bermuda triangle of skin conditions for no reason. It is very difficult to pinpoint the main cause of PD but to some it up here are my diet triggers and just for fun I'll throw in all the other ones aswell.

Food and drink in excess: sugar, cheese, caffeine, alcohol, yeasty foods, sulphites in wine, especially red but I will still enjoy a glass of Christmas mulled wine despite it.

Non diet triggers: Ingredients such as sodium laureth sulphate, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, anything with perfume in it yes hello laundry detergent! Steroid cream, working in a humid work environment bakery or kitchen, even now wearing a mask for long periods of time my face has become irritated. To sum up my journey with PD it's been a total blast....can't you tell! I believe it is gut related or triggered by a hormonal imbalance.

Dont feed the beast! Maybe something you are eating is fueling your Perioral Dermatitis or gut related problems. Keeping a food diary is a very helpful way to pinpoint diet triggers. I had a food allergy test done 6yrs ago, my test only showed a sensitivity to nuts. Which at the time I ate alot of, loose and in my cereal. Lately I've been really congested and had blood tests done to track any sign of inhalation allergies. It didnt show any airborne allergy like pollen or dust. I blamed the dust from our house renovation but it looks like it may be something that I am eating. I'll have to take a fresh food allergy test incase I have built up an intolerance to something. If you keep a food diary write down what you are eating each day and in the following days if your skin breaks out or you feel stomach discomfort that's your body trying to tell you something. By doing this experiment I figured out chocolate and cheese cause me to breakout with cystic acne and if I continue the cycle it can lead to a full blown PD breakout. Skin conditions and your gut are linked so try keeping a diary and see if something pops up. My best advice is never assume what might be causing your Perioral Dermatitis or skin condition to breakout get it confirmed by a doctor or by a dermatologist. They specialise in this stuff but until you do please feel free to reach out to me.