Slow Fashion Studio

Welcome to our new space located in the heart of Limerick city offering all things circular fashion. You will find a thoughtfully curated vintage and upcycled collection with a strong emphasis on capsule pieces. These pieces are carefully chosen to fit inside an existing wardrobe to boost its wearability and extend the life of clothes we already own. Our goal is to inspire an intentional way of shopping, one that encourages us to rethink the way we choose new items and this inturn helps build a deeper relationship with our clothes. Here at Wild Folk we believe that loved clothes last. We work in harmony with Mama Earth to inspire sustainable and creative change. We make a conscious effort to consume less and buy with intention, while helping to preserve some of the earth’s precious resources. We look forward to seeing you soon.



We want to connect with those seeking a more conscious and slow approach to fashion. We hand pick all vintage pieces with the intention to extend their life. We breathe new life into special staples that work with your existing pieces and have the ability to flow in a non seasonal wardrobe. Whether you prefer modern boho style or a clean minimal look we have a carefully curated collection that will fit into any slow fashion closet. 

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Reworked Denim

It takes 7,600 litres of water to produce just one pair of jeans! The fashion industry is a thirsty one but also a dirty one. During denim production and dyeing process toxic chemicals are used to dye the fabric and make it colourfast. Then a huge volume of water is used to wash this fabric. These toxic chemicals are often leaked or drained into local waterways contaminating drinking water, killing wildlife and making factory workers extremely sick in the process. By buying denim secondhand we are casting a vote for the type of world we want to live in. We breathe new life in tired pieces by customising, distressing and upcycling.  Let's help save some of the earths precious water resources, keep our oceans blue and secondhand denim out of landfill. 

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We embrace the art of slow and ancient crafts to bring you a special collection of hand woven wall hangings. We offer organic and bohemian pieces with a modern twist. Upcycling is at the heart of our little studio and we pride in using only preloved materials.  Our cotton cord is made with recycled textile from both landfill and production waste. Our yarn is thrifted or reclaimed from old knitted garments and embellishments are upcycled from preloved jewellery. We also use plant dyed scraps of fabric from our naturally dyed collection making sure nothing goes to waste. 

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Naturally Dyed

How many times has a garment been discarded due to discolouration or carrying a small stain? We see the potential to rescue those tired pieces and extend their life by plant dyeing with wild plants and food waste. We forage in a sustainable manner by choosing to pick from areas of abundance and from the ground where they have fallen. We collect food waste from local cafes and from home kitchens in an effort to extract that last drop of living colour. We custom dye each garment in a slow and mindful process that keeps us connected to the changing seasons and wrapped up in an endless journey of discovery.  

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"My sisters and I grew up running through the fields of south county Galway. We were always exploring nature and spent our Summers swimming in the lake next to our grandmother's house until the sun told us it was time to walk home. On another day you could find us rescuing tadpoles from dried out pools, making pottery from mud or climbing trees like the wild folk we were. On the way home we would steal our neighbours crab apples and eat blackberries and gooseberries until our stomachs ached. To our mothers despair we would arrive home most evening's covered in dirt and even missing shoes but we always brought tales of our adventures and our love for the outdoors. Every child that comes into this world deserves to experience all the wonders nature has to offer and more. Lets take care of Mama Earth so young hearts continue to run free"
- Fiona Griffin, founder of Wild Folk

Studio opening hours:

Wednesday- Friday: 11-5pm
Saturday: 10-4pm

Closed Sunday -Tuesday

Find Us at:
26 Upper Gerald Griffin Street, Limerick, V9R8DD